The Connection

The Connection

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The Connection:

Ponderings of a Man in Transition

by Thomas J. Feliciano

Note on the Text:

This work is comprised of many trinkets of thought. From one-liners and short poems, to philosophical diatribes and a short story, and many things in between. One common theme runs through the text, though: they are all Ponderings of a Man in Transition.

Transition from what and to where? From a broken, angry man with little purpose to a man not much different. Well, different in intent perhaps, but not in action. The writings in this short book constitute things I wrote during this transitory phase, probably the biggest such period of my life. They could not be assembled into my poetry books or into short story collections, but they were assembled here, together in company.

I experienced more in the two years between these writings than I ever did in my previous 22 or the six that followed. Well, experienced more within my mind and heart, maybe. I’ve certainly traveled quite a bit and had some trying experiences since the last word of the last piece was finished, and I definitely had a difficult life prior to the first word of the first piece hitting the page. Either way, when I look back at the man I am, or the man I was (depending on how far my gaze takes me), I’ll always remember this period as defining and shaping. And these words coincide with everything internal I felt as everything external dealt its hand.

Many of the ideas or concepts written here no longer apply. Still, they applied to the man on the path, so they point to the destination. Where I’ll go from here, only God knows. Where I went, I am able to reflect.

Reflect with me.

Compiled of writings between 2011 and 2012.