Intelligent Happiness

Intelligent Happiness

Intelligent Happiness Cover

Intelligent Happiness

by Thomas J. Feliciano

“Can you name one eternal truth?”

“I couldn’t. I go crazy if I don’t focus on the moment I am in, the only moment I know.”

“Well, I can name one: You.”

This is a poetic novella about love, loss, and a spiral into madness. This story is told in first-person and present tense. Join the narrator as he recounts experiences that may or may not have happened.

From the Author’s Note:

I originally wrote this book back in 2010, when I was going through a rough period in my life. In fact, I wrote the first chapter as a prose poem, showed it to a few friends, and they told me it sounded like an opening to a book. So, I continued writing.

One of the friends I showed it to, one of my most trusted literary eyes, warned me that it would be nearly impossible to continue the work in present tense and also warned me that writing it in first-person would sound “whiny.” He urged me to not let that stop me, though, if I felt I could pull it off because he was impressed with what he read. I hope I did pull it off.

Written in 2010. Updated in 2013.