Ghostwriting Services

Ghostwriting Services

Do you have a book idea in mind? Have you been sitting on that idea for a long time and have no idea where to begin or how to compile it? Or, have you started and stopped numerous times, failing to complete the work for whatever reason? Don’t keep the book stuck in your head. Let me help you bring it out into the world.

Become a published author today.

I know, books take a lot of work. It is often difficult to materialize the concept you’ve been mulling over into a complete work. Even if you have the skills and expertise, you might also have too much on your plate. So, you just can’t find the time to turn your notes or idea into a full work.

Don’t stop now. I can work as a ghostwriter on your project and help you with every step along the way.

Regardless of whether you have a bunch of unorganized notes, a complete text that needs reworking, or only an idea, I can help you realize your dream. You’ll soon be able to put a book on your shelf that bears your name on the spine.

Ghostwriting is exactly what it sounds like. It’s your book. I simply work alongside you in helping to jar it from your mind, from the conceptual phase all the way to a physical copy (or e-book if that’s what you prefer).

What types of books can I help with?

Honestly, I can provide assistance on any type of work. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, biography, whatever you need. There’s no topic I’m afraid of and no area of expertise I’d turn away.

Starting my writing career as a poet and developing into a novelist, I am comfortable assembling words and telling stories. Studying as a journalist and contributing and editing for various media outlets, I understand the precision needed for real-world experiences. Serving as an educator who has taught countless students the importance of language and helped dozens of professors and students complete their theses, I value expression in all forms.

All this means is that if you have a book stored in your soul, there’s no way I couldn’t locate it and shape it into a solid object.


Telling a good story is more than just the framework of characters moving from scene to scene. You also need a plot that adds reason to the scenes. A plot that is full of subtext that will intrigue readers and entice them to give your book a second read (or third, fourth, fifth…).

I also believe in fully realizing characters, giving them motivations that will move them away from traditional stereotypes and into three-dimensional personages. Setting is also crucial, related to where and when any story takes place.

These elements must be carefully woven together into a tapestry that you would be proud to share with others.


Non-fiction works require a similar level of expertise in framing the story as fiction books. However, the means are a bit different. As Mark Twain so eloquently said: “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.”

Good non-fiction could real like a novel, but it doesn’t always have to. Each project is different and requires respect to the intention of the work and its overall goals.

Non-fiction books could teach you something new, provide advice on a widely known topic, take you along for the ride through a situation you wonder about, or simply make you laugh.


Ghostwriting poetry can only be done if you have a basic outline of the poem you wish to write or a sample poem you wish to improve. The latter is more editing and proofreading, which are services I also provide.

To this end, I could help you compile a poetry compilation of poems you’ve written. This means assembling them based on topic, length, and into a readable flow.

Memoirs / Biography

Everyone lives a life worth telling. Perhaps you’ve had a really interesting experience that you think other people would be interested in reading about. Or maybe you’ve lived a long life full of ups and downs, resulting in an epiphany of some kind.

Either way, your story deserves to be told. You don’t have to be a celebrity to produce your memoirs or biography. Instead, perhaps this book would turn you into a celebrity.

Services Offered

Completing a book takes a lot more than writing words, sentences, paragraphs, sections, and chapters. A total book requires a total skillset. One that I can provide as well.


This is the obvious one. After all, the word “ghostwriter” has the word “writer” built in. You are, in short, hiring a writer to turn your ideas into a readable format.


Format is crucial to getting a text into the hands of others. Of course, the structure of the book is of the utmost importance. You want a work that reads well, based on a logical and page-turning flow.

Beyond this, however, I can convert the completed work into various formats for whatever purpose you require. This includes producing a PDF document of your work based on the industry standards that could be sent to a printer for a professional hard-copy.

Formatting also entails providing various ways for you and your readers to access your work. I could present you with a “manuscript” copy that features everything a book publisher or agent requires in order to take your work seriously. I could also give you the various ebook formats of ePub (for e-readers, iPads, and phone applications) and mobi (for Amazon Kindle).


I could help you with the design of the interior and exterior of your book as well.

Interior design relates to the fonts used throughout the work, the line spacing on each page, and the insertion of photographs, graphs, and similar content throughout.

More importantly, though, I have a team of dedicated graphic designers who could give you a book cover you would be proud to display on your bookshelf.

The old adage warns us, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” We don’t necessarily agree with that, as the cover is your book’s presentation to the world. Opt for the wrong design, and it’s unlikely that your book sells many copies.


Using the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) should be your ultimate aim if you want to self-publish your work and have full control over its royalties. This is especially true if you are an unknown figure.

Although the system is relatively simple and intuitive, you may not be so tech-savvy. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to upload the book yourself.

Regardless of why you need help using the KDP platform, through my experience using it to produce both Kindle e-books and paperbacks, I can either guide you along the way or take control of the process and upload the work on your behalf.


Without the right focus on marketing, you could write an absolutely stellar book that nobody will ever read. With the right understanding and motivation to properly market your work, you could write a mediocre book that will sell millions of copies.

Of course, neither you nor I will be satisfied with mediocrity. So, once we have your future best-seller complete, let us turn our attention to driving the sales figures up to inconceivable heights.

For this, you would need:

  • a great author bio
  • excellent snippets of the work for promotional purposes
  • a summary of the work (both long and short)
  • specific keywords that will help others stumble upon your work as they search across the Web
  • and targeted emails and social media messages that will help you get the word out about your book to the world at large.

Do you need something else ghostwritten?

Perhaps you don’t need, or want, a complete book. Instead, maybe you need a few chapters, an article for a journal or magazine, or some content for your site or other project. Regardless of your project, needs, and budget, I am sure we can find a solution that you’ll be completely satisfied with.

Let’s begin today.

Don’t sit on your idea any longer. Procrastination only turns good ideas cold. Contact me today and let’s discuss your future as a published author.