Familiar Enemy

Familiar Enemy

Familiar Enemy Cover

Familiar Enemy

A Story in Prose and Poetry

by Thomas J. Feliciano

This is a tale about how a love story can go awry and then right itself again. A man, a lover, broken by the weight of his beloved over a period of time, begins to fall apart at the seams. Well, the beloved is not innocent in this inner-destruction of her lover. She weighs heavy upon him, breaking his soul into miniscule pieces. Death comes into play, not at the end, but in the beginning.

The book contains two offerings of this tale. First, a prose telling. Next, one in poetry. The poem was written first but appears last in this work. For astute readers, begin halfway through the text, then work your way back to the beginning. It’s the same tale, just through a different lens.

The prose offering won third-place in a story contest back in 2010. Nobody has seen the poem, yet. That is, until this book is opened.

Snippet from Author’s Note:

This work means a lot to me. For one, it is the first long story that I ever completed. It represents a shift in me exclusively writing poetry into starting to walk on prose-legs. Hence, I first wrote it as a long poem and then rewrote it into prose. Yet it went unfinished for many months.

I wrote the entire poem in a night in 2009. I then did the entire prose rewrite that next morning. But I didn’t finish the ending to either. As I was nearing completion, a moth landed on my laptop screen. In an effort to get the insect away from me, I slammed my laptop shut with force. So much force, in fact, that the laptop bounced off my bed and smashed onto the floor. Broken, without the final draft saved. I salvaged the hard drive months later (because I couldn’t afford a new laptop, a friend gifted me his old one) and found that everything was intact, except for the ending. I let it linger for months.

Written between 2009 and 2011.