Intelligent Happiness Cover

Intelligent Happiness

by Thomas J. Feliciano

2013 – A poetic novella about love, loss, and a spiral into madness. This story is told in first-person and present tense. Join the narrator as he recounts experiences that may or may not have happened. Read More

Familiar Enemy Cover

Familiar Enemy

by Thomas J. Feliciano

2011 – This is a tale about how a love story can go awry and then right itself again. A man, a lover, broken by the weight of his beloved over a period of time, begins to fall apart at the seams. Death comes into play, not at the end, but in the beginning. Read More

The Connection Cover

The Connection

by Thomas J. Feliciano

2012 – This work is comprised of many trinkets of thought. From one-liners and short poems, to philosophical diatribes and a short story, and many things in between. One common theme runs through the text, though: they are all Ponderings of a Man in Transition. Read More

How to Optimize Enterprise IT Performance Cover

How to Optimize Enterprise IT Performance

by Abul Mohaimin & Thomas J. Feliciano

2018 – The objective of this book is to help organizations stay innovative and competitive in the market and optimize operational performance at the lowest possible costs. Read More