About the Author

About the Author

Short Bio

Thomas J. Feliciano is a New Jersey-native who has traveled the world. Living, working, and studying across four continents, he currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey, where he is the English chair at ISAR. He is passionate about reading, writing, learning, teaching, and professional wrestling. Working as an English instructor and freelance writer/editor, he values expression, language, and truth.

Long Bio

Now that the obligatory third-person stuff is out of the way, you probably want to know who I am.

I’m 33-years-old. I was born in Belleville, New Jersey. My family moved to Clifton when I was 7, and I spent the majority of my life there, just a few miles from New York City.

Not that intimately? Fine.

Throughout my life, I have studied a wide range of topics. Combined with my unique experiences, this expands my ability to write about nearly anything.

I began with Computer Science; game software programming to be more precise. Although I enjoyed it, I also wanted more freedom than the life of dwelling in a cubicle.

Because of my close proximity to the Big Apple, I’ve had a lot of friends who came from abroad. Beyond this, I had some experience teaching them the basics of English and found I was quite good at it. Someone suggested I take it up as a career, so I began studying Education.

Side-tracked a bit (although I would return to ESL teaching later), I found my passion for writing was breaking through all of my previous attempts to normalize myself in the world. I changed my new major to English, then again to Journalism. Some of my favorite writers began as journalists, so I figured it was a great chance to build a legit portfolio that would help expand my publishability.

It did, and I was quickly freelancing for several local publications.

Then, I began traveling.

I visited Tunisia, where I met my wife, and fell into an extremely tumultuous situation. (Which is recapped in my upcoming work Al-Wardia). Returning to the States, I returned to freelancing while working as a car salesman. (One of my old professors told me that another name for a writer is “a professional liar,” so it fit the gig).

After some time, I was called away to Turkey to reunite with my wife. That’s when I began teaching English as a Second Language again, and found I really enjoyed it.

My school, in a growing mountain town in the middle of the country, was loaded with issues, but I loved my students. I loved seeing the lights in their eyes when they began understanding something difficult. I loved answering their questions. I loved helping business professionals get promoted and find better jobs as a result of their language skills.

This experience will probably find its way into a book someday as well.

I left the school because of management issues. I wasn’t paid for months, I was repeatedly lied to, and disrespected more than I could handle, so I departed like a thief in the night. As a writer, I chalk the entire experience up to being a good story, so I take it in stride.

Now I live in Turkey’s big city, Istanbul. This vibrant metropolis has a unique blend of modernity and vast history, which is perfect for inspiration.

What I write

Whenever people hear that I’m a writer, their first question is, “What do you write?” Well, since everything isn’t an option, my writing can be broken down as:


I began my love of writing as a poet. Nothing special (at least at first), just scribblings about my feelings. These would develop into a longer form as I studied the craft and echoed the style of masters in the form.

Over the years, I’ve written nearly 1,000 poems. Some of my favorites will be compiled in the upcoming Poems for Assorted Lunatics.


After working on a few longform poems, I decided I wanted to tell stories. I write both short stories and longer novels, although much of my work would be considered novellas.


I trained as a journalist and found I had a knack for the craft. I’ve written and edited for newspapers, magazines, and various online media outlets.


I’ve lived an interesting life full of unique experiences. Everyone has, to be honest. Still, I pen tales about my life based on a specific theme, rather than an overall memoir.


I serve as a ghostwriter for numerous projects, both in print and on the Web. The latest ghostwritten book that I worked on is titled How to Optimize Enterprise IT Performance, written for a senior manager with nearly two decades of experience.


Living in Turkey, I was approached by a friend to complete a thesis. It was researched and written, but they needed assistance in bringing it up to an academic standard. Since then, I’ve helped dozens of others and find it wholly rewarding. More than helping students complete their masters and doctorate degrees, I also learn something new with each thesis and journal article.

I also produce copy for clients across a spectrum of needs, mostly for websites and product descriptions.

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