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Intelligent Happiness Cover

Intelligent Happiness

A poetic novella about love, loss, and a spiral into madness. This story is told in first-person and present tense. Join the narrator as he recounts experiences that may or may not have happened. Read More

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5 Tips to Keep Writing and Defeat Writer’s Block

Writer’s block strikes even the most prolific of wordsmiths. That feeling of sitting in front of your keyboard or notepad and seeing nothing but white space can be devastating, especially if you’re in the mood to produce your magnum opus or you’re fighting against a deadline. So how do professional writers push through this dilemma? Continue reading to find out.

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How to Optimize Enterprise IT Performance Cover

How to Optimize Enterprise IT Performance

The objective of this book is to help organizations stay innovative and competitive in the market and optimize operational performance at the lowest possible costs. Read more

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5 Books Every Author Should Read

Every good writer is an avid reader. We take inspiration from those who came before us and find motivation in their successes. Perhaps more importantly, however, reading improves our vocabulary and teaches us new methods for assembling legible stories. Continue reading